Andros To Syros Ferry

There is normally only one ferry a week sailing from Andros to Syros. This Andros Syros ferry is operated by Blue Star Ferries and sails all the year through.

How to get from Andros to Syros

Andros island in Greece does not have an airport, so the only way to make a journey from Andros to Syros is to take a ferry.

Despite these two Cyclades islands being virtually next to each other, there is normally only one ferry sailing a week between Andros and Syros.

These ferries to Syros from Andros are operated by Blue Star Ferries, and the ferry trip takes around 3 hours

You can check the latest timetables and buy ferry tickets online at: Ferryscanner

Ferries to Syros from Andros

With only one ferry a week, your travel options for direct crossings between Andros and Syros can be limited.

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In many cases, you may be better getting a ferry from Andros to Tinos first, and then a ferry from Tinos to Syros.

To look at your Greek ferry travel options on getting from Andros to Syros, look for schedules at: Ferryscanner

Syros Island Travel Tips

A few travel tips for visiting Syros island:

  • Ferries sail from Gavrio ferry port in Andros. Arriving ferries dock at Ermoupoli port in Syros. Passengers should aim to be at the Andros ferry port at least 30 minutes before the ferry is dues to sail.

  • Syros is actually the capital of the Cyclades islands. As such, there are many hotels to choose from. Many people choose to stay in the main town of Ermoupoli, although other areas to consider staying include: ¬†Azolimnos, Poseidonia, Ano Syros, Galissas, and Finikas. Use the interactive Syros hotel map below to look for accommodation:

  • Sightseeing in Ermoupoli is the real highlight of visiting Syros. If you want beach time, head to these beaches in Syros: Delfini, Azolimnos, Komito, Galissas, and Grammata.

How to travel from Andros to Syros FAQ

A few of the frequently asked questions about traveling by ferry from Andros to Syros include:

How do you get to Syros from Andros?

You can only travel by ferry between Andros and Syros. There is 1 ferry per week operated by Blue Star Ferries and it is normally scheduled for a Thursday.

Is there an airport in Syros?

Syros is one of the Greek islands with an airport, although it only has connections with Athens Airport. You can not currently fly from Syros to other Greek islands.

How long is the ferry ride from Andros to Syros?

The ferries to Syros from Andros takes around three hours.