Corfu Travel Guide

Prepare for your holiday in Corfu with our Corfu Travel Guide. Whether you are going to Corfu by ferry or flight, here’s everything about Corfu you need to know.

Visit Corfu Island

Yiasas, travelers! Welcome to your indispensable guide to Corfu, an island so rich in history and beauty that it’ll take your breath away. Nestling in the Ionian Sea, Corfu is a verdant oasis wrapped in the bluest of waters, where Venetian architecture meets Greek hospitality.

Whether you’re a history buff, a beach connoisseur, or simply longing for a slice of Mediterranean tranquility, Corfu is the place to be. In this guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know to make your first (and surely not your last) trip to Corfu as enchanting as a Greek mythology tale.

a beach in corfu at sunset

Getting to Corfu

As one of the Ionian islands of Greece, a medley of ferries darting to and from the Greek mainland and Italy. The main ferry route to Corfu is from Igoumenitsa to the main ferry port in Corfu Town.

Don’t miss the romance of approaching Corfu from the deck of a ferry – it’s a sight for the gods!

Check the latest ferry timetables and book tickets online at: Ferryscanner

ferry being boarded at the port in corfu town

Corfu International Airport (Ioannis Kapodistrias International Airport) welcomes flights from across Europe. During the summer months there are countless connections with UK cities as well as cities all over Europe.

Upon leaving the ferry port or airport, taxis and buses stand ready to whisk you to your accommodation. If you’re a planner, schedule a pick-up in advance for a smooth start to your Greek adventure.

Arriving in Corfu Greece

Stepping onto Corfu soil, you’ll be greeted by a warm sea breeze and an even warmer welcome. Greek is the local language, but in this tourist haven, English is widely spoken. A smile and a ‘kalimera’ (good morning) will go a long way, though!

Euros are the currency in Corfu, and credit cards sail through most transactions. Make sure to carry some cash for those quaint tavernas off the beaten track.

Where to Stay in Corfu

Like all Greek islands, there are accommodation options to suit all styles and budgets. From five-star seafront hotels to charming Airbnb apartments tucked in old palazzos, Corfu’s got it all.

Corfu Old Town, the island’s heartbeat, is the perfect location for island hoppers, culture vultures and night owls. Prefer to be rocked to sleep by the waves? Then resorts like Dassia and Agios Gordios await.

Getting Around Corfu

Corfu may not be the largest Greek island, but its landscapes are epically diverse. Public local buses serve popular routes, but to really embrace freedom, rent a car or a scooter. Just remember – island driving is an art!

Corfu Town

Corfu old Town is a maze of history and culture. Two imposing fortresses guard the picturesque old town streets, while the Liston promenade invites for elegant strolls. Don’t miss the Saint Spyridon Church or a twirl around the Archaeological Museum for a touch of the past.

Your walk will uncover hidden gems of eateries, too. From bustling cafes town streets to secluded gardens, culinary delights are matched by enchanting settings.

Eating and Drinking in Corfu

Ah, the food! Greek cuisine is a love letter to the senses. Sample Corfu’s unique ‘sofrito’ or the delectable ‘pastitsada’. Hit the local taverna to taste the ‘real deal’ – just be ready for a feast, as Corfu’s hospitality here shines in generous portions.

As with other islands and coastal town in Greece, Corfu has more than its fair share of fresh seafood, local delicacies, and a rich wine tradition. Try a wine tasting tour if you can! Koum Kouat, the local spirit, is a must-try. And of course, no classic Greek adventure is complete with a Greek salad or two.

food in corfu

Exploring Beyond Corfu Town

Once you’ve soaked in the history and charm of Corfu Town (which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site), it’s time to wander where the Wi-Fi is weak.

Rent a boat, join a tour, or take a drive over to Paleokastritsa, where mythic crystal waters meet emerald coves. Don’t skip a visit to the imposing Angelokastro castle, an old fortress standing tall with stories of Byzantine grandeur.

Then, find your way to the Achilleion palace, where the tragic Empress Sisi sought solace amidst the statues of ancient gods.

A must-do is a pilgrimage to the romantic Canal D’Amour in Sidari, where legend whispers that couples who swim its channel will marry soon after. Whether you believe the myth or not, the sculpted sandstone formations will leave you spellbound.

Best Beaches In Corfu

Corfu is packed full of picturesque sandy beaches where you can soak up the sun:

  • Paleokastritsa Beach: Known for its crystal clear water and is considered one of the best beaches in Corfu. It’s surrounded by lush greenery and dramatic cliffs. There are six bays to choose from, and it’s also a great spot for snorkeling.
  • Glyfada Beach: This is one of the most popular beaches on the island, with soft sand and blue waters. It’s well-organized with sunbeds and umbrellas for rent, and there are water sports available.
  • Myrtiotissa Beach: Described as the most beautiful beach by Lawrence Durrell, Myrtiotissa is nudist-friendly and less organized than other beaches. It offers a mix of sand and pebbles and is surrounded by steep cliffs and forest.
  • Agios Gordios Beach: This beach is known for its impressive rock formation, the Ortholithi. It has a mix of sand and pebbles and offers stunning sunset views.
  • Sidari Beach: Famous for the Canal d’Amour, Sidari Beach has unique sandstone formations. The beach is family-friendly with shallow waters.
  • Issos Beach: With golden sand dunes, clear waters, and a view of the Lake Korission, Issos Beach is perfect for those looking for a less crowded spot. It’s also a good place for windsurfing.
  • Barbati Beach: Offering a pebbly shore and clear waters, Barbati Beach is at the foot of the highest mountain in Corfu, Pantokrator. It’s well-organized with plenty of facilities.
  • Agios Georgios Beach: This is a long sandy beach with calm waters, making it ideal for families. There are plenty of tavernas and cafes nearby.
  • Kontogialos Beach: A less crowded beach with golden sand and green surroundings. It’s a good spot for relaxation.
  • Dassia Beach: This beach is easily accessible and offers a variety of water sports. It has clear waters and is lined with olive groves.
  • Kerasia Beach: A quiet and secluded spot perfect for those looking to escape the crowds. It has clear water and is surrounded by cypress and olive trees.
  • Roda Beach: A family-friendly beach with lots of amenities, including restaurants and water sports.
  • Agios Stefanos Beach: A long sandy beach with clear waters, located in a beautiful bay.
  • Ermones Beach: A small and secluded beach surrounded by green hills and cliffs.
  • Agios Ioannis Beach: Known for its kite and windsurfing conditions due to the favorable winds.

Tips and Tricks for an Effortless Corfu Holiday

When’s the best time to go island hopping to Corfu? Late spring and early autumn are the shoulder seasons, and great for avoiding big crowds and harsh weather. Since the Mediterranean sun can be quite relentless, don’t forget to pack some sunblock and hats. The peak summer season months of July and Augusut can make the island feel quite crowded.

Safety is generally not a pressing concern, but travel insurance is always a wise bet. The island is a trove of robust Health Centers, and in case of any ‘Opa!’ moments, care is at hand.

Wrapping up Your Corfu Getaway

As your Corfu tale comes to a close, take with you not just souvenirs and photographs, but a piece of the island’s soul. Dance with the locals at a village festa, learn a few Greek phrases, and relish the slow pace of island time.

Corfu’s magic is in its unhurried rhythm and spirited spontaneity. Revel in it, and like many before you, you’ll be planning your next trip before the first has even ended.

Additional Resources and Next Steps

Still thirsty for more Corfiot knowledge? Dive into local blogs, tourist attractions and information websites, and don’t shy away from connecting with fellow travelers online.

Before you set sail for this island paradise, prepare. Book your tours, pin your must-visit sites, and get ready for a journey to the westernmost edge of Greece — to Corfu, an island where legends are just another part of the landscape.

And there you have it, an in-depth travel article fit for any first-timer keen to discover the gem that is Corfu. From the winding streets of its historic town to the idyllic shores of its many beaches, Corfu promises an affair to remember. Pack your bags, bring your sense of adventure, and leave a little room in your heart — because Corfu will surely fill it. Safe travels, or as we say in Greek, ‘kalo taxidi’!

Day Trips from Corfu

For those looking to explore beyond the charming confines of Corfu, there are several day trips that promise exciting adventures.

kerkyra lines paxos island hydrofoil

  1. Paxos and Antipaxos Islands: A boat trip to the breathtakingly beautiful islands of Paxos and Antipaxos is highly recommended. These islands are renowned for their sparkling turquoise waters and secluded beaches, providing a perfect escape for those seeking tranquillity.
  2. Albania: For the more adventurous, a day trip to Albania can provide an exciting cultural contrast. Visit the ancient city of Butrint, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, boasting a rich tapestry of archaeological history and stunningly well-preserved ruins.
  3. Metéora: This is a longer trip, but well worth the effort. Metéora, with its monasteries perched stunningly atop sandstone pillars, offers a surreal landscape and a journey back in time to a place where spirituality meets natural beauty.
  4. Mainland Greece: Take a ferry to the mainland and explore the historic city of Igoumenitsa, or venture further to visit the mystical Oracle of Delphi or the dramatic vistas of Vikos Gorge.

Remember, each of these trips comes with its own unique requirements and considerations, so be sure to plan accordingly. These day trips will undoubtedly enrich your Corfu adventure, introducing you to a wider slice of what this beautiful region has to offer.