Andros To Naxos Ferry

A new ferry route between Andros and Naxos islands in Greece has been introduced for the summer of 2023. The crossing is once a day and takes just two hours.

Andros to Naxos Ferry Route

Although the Greek islands of Andros and Naxos are fairly close to one another, traveling between them by ferry used to be a problem. In the past, there were no direct ferries, and you used to have to transit through another island such as Syros or Mykonos.

For the summer of 2023 though, SeaJets have introduced a daily ferry from Andros to Naxos. Operating once a day between June and mid September, this ferry crossing takes just 2 hours.

Ferry ticket prices for passengers start at around 40 Euros. For the latest ferry schedules and timetables, take a look at: Ferryscanner

Andros Naxos Ferries

The SeaJets vessel Tera Jet has been allocated for the Andros to Naxos ferry route. The first sailing of the year is scheduled to depart on June 2nd. The last sailing is scheduled for September 10th.

As the year goes on, more sailings may be added to this Andros Naxos ferry route depending on seasonal demand. In the past Fast Ferries have also operated some sporadic crossings between these two islands in the Cyclades.

If you want to travel from Andros to Naxos outside of these scheduled months, you will need to plan an indirect route. The most common one would be Andros to Syros, and then Syros to Naxos. Another option might be to take an Andros to Mykonos ferry, and then the Mykonos to Naxos ferry.

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Naxos Island Travel Tips

A few travel tips for visiting the Cyclades island of Naxos:

  • Aim to be at the departure ferry port at least a half an hour before the boat is due to sail.

  • Naxos is the largest island in the Cyclades group of Greek islands. As such, there is plenty of accommodation to choose from. If you plan to travel to Naxos by ferry in August, keep in mind this is the peak tourist season. Prices for hotels are higher, and it is advisable to book ahead a few months in advance. Here’s an interactive map of Naxos hotels:

  • Spend time on some of the top rated beach in Naxos: Agios Georgios, Aliko, Plaka, Agia Anna, Agiassos, Kastraki, and Psili Ammos.

  • Naxos is a big island to get around. While there is public transport on the island, most visitors who want to explore more of Naxos choose to rent a car¬†for part of their stay.

  • Greek ferry travel is made a lot easier when you book tickets for your ferry trip between Andros and Naxos in advance. You can do so using: Ferryscanner

Ferry Ride From Andros to Naxos FAQ

Questions about traveling to Naxos from Andros in Greece include:

How can I get to Naxos from Andros?

You can only travel between the Greek islands of Andros and Naxos by ferry. New for summer 2023, there is one ferry per day operated by SeaJets.

Is there an airport in Naxos?

Naxos has a small airport with flight connections to and from Athens International Airport.

How long is the ferry ride from Andros to Naxos?

The ferries to the Greek island of Naxos from Andros take between 2 hours and 4 hours. Ferry operators on the Andros Naxos route may include SeaJets, and Fast Ferries.