Corfu Town Ferry Port Guide

The main ferry port in Corfu is located in Corfu town, on the east coast of the Greek island. Corfu town ferry port has ferry connections with other Greek ports as well as destinations in Italy and Albania.

Corfu Port (Corfu Town)

The Greek island of Corfu is one of the Ionian islands, located to the west of the Greek mainland and close to Albania. While many people arrive and depart from Corfu using the international airport, it also has an important ferry port.

Corfu Town ferry Port is the largest on the island (the second one being Lefkimmi ferry port). From Corfu Town Port, you can take ferries to and from Igoumenitsa port, Ereikoussa, Mathraki, Othonoi, Paxi, Ancona, Bari, and Venice.

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Facilities At The Main Ferry Port Of Corfu

The main ferry port at Corfu is quite a well organized place. There is a main ferry port terminal building, inside of which are a cafe, ticket office, luggage storage, toilets, and waiting areas. There’s also an ATM machine just outside the Corfu Town ferry port.

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The main terminal building of Corfu Town domestic ferry port

Once through the ferry port, there is also an outdoor area which is shaded. There may or may not be a board operating with departure times. If there isn’t just ask at the ticket office and keep your eyes out for the ferries arriving and departing.

inside the domestic corfu town ferry port greece

Arriving at Corfu Port

Once you arrive at Corfu ferry port, you’ll need to get to your hotel. The easiest way by far to do this is to pre-book a taxi in Corfu. This way, a car will meet you at the Corfu Town ferry port and take you to your hotel.

If you are renting a car in Corfu, you might want to arrange for the company to have the car ready for you when you arrive by ferry at Corfu Port.

Alternatively, buses are available to get you to Corfu town center and also the airport. You can find more information here: Corfu Port Buses.

Departing From Corfu Ferry Port

For domestic ferries, you should aim to be at the ferry port an hour before departure. This way you won’t get caught out by traffic or other unforeseen circumstances.

For international ferry departures from Corfu Town Ferry Port, it is recommended to be at the port 2 hour before departure.

To make life easier, ask you hotel to organize a taxi for you, or pre-book a taxi to Corfu ferry port.

ferry being boarded at the port in corfu town

Ferries Sail To Corfu From:

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Ferries Depart Corfu To:

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Ferry Companies Connecting Corfu

Some of the ferry companies serving domestic ferry routes (for example between Corfu and Igoumenitsa), include Kerkyra Lines, Kerkyra Seaways, and Anek Lines.

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Tips For Taking Ferries From Corfu

  • The port in Corfu is positioned at the waterfront just to the north of Corfu Old Town. See where the port is here on Google maps.

  • Passengers are advised to arrive at the port at least an hour before the ferry is scheduled to depart from Corfu Town ferry port.

  • Even if you have a direct ferry to your destination, your ferry may stop at other islands along the way. Double check you are getting off the ferry at the right island!

Corfu (Kerkyra) Ferry Port FAQ

Where do ferries leave from in Corfu?

Ferries in Corfu typically depart from two ports on the island: the port of Corfu Town and the port of Lefkimmi. The main port in Corfu Town connects the island to Igoumenitsa, the Ionian Islands, and Italy.

Where is the ferry port in Corfu?

The main ferry port in Corfu is located near Corfu Town on the eastern side of the island. The second port, Lefkimmi, is situated on the southern part of the island. Both ports are easily accessible by car, bus, or taxi from various parts of the island.

What is the port called in Corfu Town?

The port in Corfu Town is known as the Corfu New Port (Neo Limani), which serves as the main hub for ferry connections between Corfu and other Greek islands, mainland destinations, and Italy.

How many ferry ports are there in Corfu?

Corfu has two main ferry ports: the Corfu New Port, located near Corfu Town, and the port of Lefkimmi in the southern part of the island. These ports provide connections to various destinations, including Igoumenitsa, the Ionian Islands, and Italy. Additionally, there are smaller ports and harbors around the island that may offer local boat services or private charters.