Rethymno Ferry Port (Crete)

Rethymno ferry port on the Greek island of Crete is located by the marina and opposite the historic Venetian Port.

Ferry Port Of Rethymno

The island of Crete in Greece has 4 main ferry ports, with Rethymno being the smallest of them all.

Given Rethymno’s location in the middle of the Cretan north coast, you would think there would be many ferry connection options to other locations in Greece.

This is not the case though, and in fact Rethymno ferry port nowadays only has two ferries a week heading to Santorini and back. These ferries from Rethymno port to Santorini leave on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

Typically, these ferries from the port of Rethymno to Santorini operate from the end of May until the end of October.

You can find out the latest timetables for Rethymnon ferries at: Ferryscanner

Rethymno Ferry Port Facilities

As the port of Rethymno in Crete does not have that many ferries sailing from it, facilities there are sparse.

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There is a covered waiting area for passengers and that’s about it!

passenger waiting area rethymno ferry port

In fact, on days the ferry isn’t sailing from Rethymno port, the areas is fenced off.

Will there be ferries to other destinations in the future?

In the past, Rethymno ferry port has also had ferry connections with Piraeus Port, Milos ferry port, Naxos, and even Mykonos.

It is entirely possible that other routes could be added in the future, but it would depend on tourist demand.

For the most part, the much larger ports of Crete like Heraklion Ferry Port and Chania are better places to take ferries to the Cyclades islands and Greek mainland. Sitia ferry port has connections with the Dodecanese islands.

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Useful to know for ferry travel in Greece

Ferryscanner – Find the best deals on ferry tickets to Greek islands. You can also see if more destinations have been added to ferry routes from Rethymno port.

Get Your Guide – No matter what island you’re visiting in Greece, there’s a great day trip or excursion waiting for you. There’s a number of activities you can choose from in Rethymno that will give you memorable experiences!

Booking – Rethymno is a popular town to stay in Crete, which means you’ll want to pre-book a hotel in Rethymno well in advance, particularly when traveling in the busy summer months

Discover Cars – Crete is a big island, and while a car is not useful in the town of Rethymno itself, it’s essential if you want to explore some of the surrounding area.

The ferry port in Rethymno is positioned at the waterfront opposite the Venitian harbour.

It is advisable to be at the Rethymno ferry port at least a half an hour before your ferry is due to sail. Keep in mind traffic conditions as they may effect how long it takes to get to the port from your hotel.