Diafani Ferry Port Karpathos

Diafani ferry port is the secondary port of Karpathos, and is located in the north of the island. Ferries connecting other locations in Greece arrive and depart 3 times a week.

Diafani Port Karpathos

The Greek island of Karpathos has two ferry port, and Diafani is the smaller of the two. Located in the north of the island, fewer ferries connect here compared with the main Karpathos Town ferry port.

Diafani ferry port is useful if you are staying in the north coast of the island, and then want to continue a Greek island hopping adventure to some of the nearby Dodecanese islands.

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Karpathos Diafani port facilities

The actual port is very basic, being nothing more than a concrete platform. In fact, there are no facilities at the port itself, not even a covered passenger waiting area.

karpathos diafani port

Fortunately, the town of Diafani is only 2 minutes walk away. Here you will find tavernas and cafes. If you ferry from Diafani Karpathos is at an unusual time, you’ll also find accommodation in the town itself.

Ferry Companies Sailing From Diafani Karpathos

As might be expected with a secondary port, more ferries sail fro Diafani to the Greek islands in the summer season compared to the off season.

The ferry companies operating out of Diafani ferry port include Blue Star Ferries and SeaJets.

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Ferries From Port Of Diafani

There are ferries between Diafani and these destinations in Greece: Piraeus, Anafi, Chalki, Heraklio, Sitia, Karpathos, Kasos, Milos, Rhodes, and Thira (Santorini.

Ferries Sail To Diafani From:

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Ferries Depart Diafani To:

Islands close to Diafani are:

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  • How to get from Diafani to Milos
  • How to get from Diafani to Rhodes
  • How to get from Diafani to Thira (Santorini)

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Tips For Taking Ferries From Diafani Ferry Port

  • The port in Diafani is located on the waterfront. You can see it here on Google maps.

  • It is always better to arrive early when travelling by ferry. Passengers are advised to be at Diafani ferry port at least a half an hour before the ferries scheduled departure.

  • Greek ferries often stop at different islands. Remember to get off the ferry at the right island!

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