How to get from Volos to Skiathos by ferry

There are up to 30 ferries a week sailing between Volos and Skiathos island in Greece during the summer, and the journey takes approximately 2 hours.

Volos Skiathos Ferry Route

The ferry from Volos on the Greek mainland to the island of Skiathos is a popular route for tourists and locals alike.

With up to 30 weekly departures during the high season, and at least 2 ferries per day sailing in the winter months, you can travel from Volos to Skiathos quickly, comfortably and at a reasonable price.

Here’s everything you need to know about Greek ferry travel between Volos and Skiathos.

Ferry Companies Sailing Volos to Skiathos

Hellenic Seaways (sometimes called Blue Star Ferries) and SeaJets are the two main ferry operators offering a direct ferry crossing from Volos port to Skiathos island.

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Hellenic Seaways operate the Skiathos Express on this route, and SeaJets use their Sporades Star vessel. Both of these ferries take cars and other vehicles.

Express Skiathos ferry sailing from Volos to Skiathos island in Greece

During the summer months, Aegean Flying Dolphins and Anes Ferries also provide connections on the route.

Anes Ferries run a slow, conventional ferry that takes cars. The Aegean Flying Dolphins takes passengers only.

You can find the latest ferry schedules and buy tickets for ferry trips between Volos and Skiathos at: Ferryscanner

Volos Skiathos Ferry Timetable

The ferry schedule for the Volos to Skiathos ferry crossings varies depending on the season.

Typically, both SeaJets and Hellenic Seaways (Blue Star Ferries) depart from Volos early in the morning. During the summer, there are also ferries which leave at around 14.00.

As different companies operate ferry crossings on the Volos to Skiathos route, it is easier to check the timetables all in one place than at each individual ferry companies website.

The quickest travel times between Volos and Skiathos are with Aegean Flying Dolphins, and the trip takes just 1 hour and 25 minutes.

Aegean Flying Dolphins and Hellenic Seaways ferries in Skiathos

A note about Volos Skiathos ferry schedules – They are normally only released in a few months in advance. This effectively means that if you want to sail in August but want to book a ticket 6 months earlier you can’t as the schedules don’t show up yet!

Use Ferryscanner to plan your itinerary.

How much and where to buy ferry tickets

Ferry ticket prices for the Volos to Skiathos direct route will vary depending on the time of year and which ferry company you choose to sail with.

Ticket prices for a foot passenger can start from 24.80 Euro in the winter months. In the summer, the cheapest Volos Skiathos tickets would be around 32 Euro.

While you can buy tickets for the Skiathos ferries from travel agencies in Volos town, it is normally easier to get them online.

Book ferry tickets from Volos to Skiathos at: Ferryscanner

Departing from Volos Port

There is only one ferry port in Volos, and from here ferries arrive from and depart to Skiathos and other Greek islands in the Sporades group.

Volos ferry port passenger terminal entrance

Providing you have your ferry ticket already, being at the port a half an hour before your trip is due to begin is fine.

Keep in mind that Volos is a busy city, so if you are traveling from the other side of town, plan your journey well in advance of when the ferry services depart.

Arriving in Skiathos

There is only one ferry port in Skiathos, and it is located in Skiathos Town.

Many people choose to stay in Skiathos town, as it is easy to get transport to other places on the island from there. Skiathos town is also where most of the nightlife is.

If you are taking a ferry ride to other Greek islands near Skiathos afterwards, your ferry will depart from this main port also.

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Volos to Skiathos Ferry FAQ

Visitors who want to travel from Volos on the Greek mainland to Skiathos and possible the other Sporades islands as well, often ask question such as:

How long is the ferry from Volos to Skiathos?

The ferry journey from Volos to Skiathos typically takes between 1 hour and 25 minutes and 2 hours 25 minutes, depending on the ferry company and type of vessel used.

How much is ferry from Volos to Skiathos?

Prices for a one-way ticket start at around 32 euro, but the price depends on which ferry companies are operating and the time of year.

What ferries go to Skiathos?

SeaJets, Hellenic Seaways (Blue Star Ferries), Aegean Flying Dolphins, and Anes Ferries all sail from Volos to the destination of Skiathos as well as other islands in the Sporades.

Is there an Athens to Skiathos ferry?

No, there is not a ferry sailing between any of the three Athens ports and the island of Skiathos. The best way to get to Skiathos from mainland Greece is to sail from Volos.

What are some Greek islands close to Skiathos?

The Greek island of Skiathos is located in the Sporades group of islands, close to the mainland of Greece. The closest neighboring islands to Skiathos are Skopelos and Alonissos, which are both just a short ferry ride away.

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