Skiathos Ferry Port Guide – Facilities and Ferry Connections

There’s only one ferry port in Skiathos island, and it is located in Skiathos town. There are regular ferry connections from Skiathos ferry port to mainland Greece as well as Greek islands in the Sporades.

If you want to take a ferry trip to or from Skiathos ferry port, this guide has everything you need to know including how to get there, what amenities are available, and what type of ferries operate from the port.

Traveling to Skiathos Island

While many visitors to Skiathos will arrive at Skiathos airport, an equal number travel to and from the island by ferry. Even those that visit Skiathos by plane may want to take a ferry at some point – The Skiathos to Skopelos ferry route is very popular.

As such, it’s good to know a little bit about Skiathos port before your trip. Greek ferry ports can often be quite confusing places, but thankfully the ferry port of Skiathos is relatively small and well organized.

Located on the waterfront at Skiathos town, the ferry port of Skiathos is impossible to miss and very easy to get to. If you are staying at a hotel in Skiathos town you can walk to and from the port. If you are staying at other areas on the island, you can get a bus or a taxi.

You can find bus timetables for Skiathos here: Skiathos Transport

An Anes ferry arriving at the ferry port on Skiathos island

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Ferry Port Of Skiathos

During the summer season, Skiathos port can be quite a busy place with ferries arriving and departing at all times of day.

The larger ferries dock at what is basically a concrete platform, lowering a ramp for passengers to disembark and board. Small ferries, such as the Aegean Flying Dolphins dock a little further away, but still within the main Skiathos port area.

The ferry port has minimal facilities, as it is surrounded by the main town. There is long and narrow covered waiting area for passengers, but no toilet facilities. There are plenty of cafes opposite in which to go if you have to!

The covered waiting area for passengers at Skiathos ferry port

At the entrance to the port of Skiathos is a small port police booth. If you are going to take a ferry from Skiathos to another destination with a vehicle, they will tell you where to park.

Skiathos Ferry Routes

There are ferries between Skiathos and the following destinations: Alonissos, Mantoudi, Skopelos (Glossa), Skopelos (Town), and Volos on the Greek mainland. On some years there may also be connections with Agios Konstantinos and Thessaloniki.

The most popular ferry routes are with Skopelos and Volos port. If you are planning a Greek island hopping trip, the best Greek islands near Skiathos to visit are Skopelos and Alonissos.

Important Note: There is no direct ferry from Athens to Skiathos.

Ferry companies sailing in and out of Skiathos port include Anes Ferries, Aegean Flying Dolphins, SeaJets, and Hellenic Seaways (Blue Star Ferries). They operate a mix of conventional ferries and fast ferries.

Aegean Flying Dolphins at Skiathos ferry port

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Arriving at Skiathos Port

If you are taking a ferry to Skiathos, just know that the disembarkation procedure is always a little chaotic! Have your luggage ready, and be prepared to move with the crowd as you dock. Depending on the ferry company and if you are traveling in high season, there could be a couple of hundred people all trying to get off the ferry at the same time!

Once off the ferry you will be in the small port area of Skiathos. In front of you is the town.

If you need to take a taxi, exit the port and turn right along the road. There is a taxi booth just a short walk away. If you need to take a bus, continue walking until you come to the bus bays.

Ferries Sail To Skiathos From

You can reach Skiathos from islands in the Sporades as well as the mainland, and daily ferries include:

Departing From Skiathos Ferry Port

Most foot passengers who are leaving from Skiathos port may find it easier to sit down and have a coffee in one of the cafes nearby. From here, you can see ferries arrive, so as soon as you see yours, you can start to head to the concrete platform.

Pro tip: Pay for your coffee as you order it so you don’t have to wait around finding someone to pay as your ferry arrives!

Skiathos Ferries Depart to

You can make a ferry crossing to other Sporades islands as well as the mainland:

  • How to get from Skiathos to Alonissos
  • How to get from Skiathos to Mantoudi
  • How to get from Skiathos to Skopelos (Glossa)
  • How to get from Skiathos to Skopelos
  • How to get from Skiathos to Volos

Keep in mind that Skopelos has more than one ferry port! Most people will want to take a ferry from Skiathos to Skopelos Town, but if you are planning a do-it-yourself day trip from Skiathos to Skopelos by ferry to visit the Mamma Mia church, you may want to take the boat to Skopelos Glossa instead.

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Tips For Taking Ferries From Skiathos

  • The port in Skiathos is positioned at the waterfront. You can use Google maps to see where it is.

  • Passengers need to be aware of the ferry schedule and plan their travel to the ferry port accordingly. Most ferry companies recommend that passengers arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time. If you are traveling with your vehicle during August, aim to be there an hour before.

  • Ferries often make many stops at different islands. Remember to get off the ferry at the right island!

FAQ About The Port of Skiathos

Island hopping in the Sporades islands of Greece is made easy by the Skiathos ferry port. Thanks to its airport, the island of Skiathos is the main gateway to the rest of the Sporades islands, with regular ferry routes connecting it to the other inhabited islands in the group Skopelos and Alonissos as well as Volos and Mantoudi.

Some of the most commonly asked questions are:

Where is the ferry port in Skiathos?

The Skiathos ferry port is located at the waterfront in the town of Skiathos, which is also the capital city of the island.

Where do you get the ferry from Skiathos to Skopelos?

All ferries leaving from Skiathos to Skopelos depart from the main ferry port, which is on the waterfront of Skiathos town.

How long is the ferry from Piraeus to Skiathos?

There is no direct ferry from Athens Piraeus Port to Skiathos.

How long is ferry from Skiathos to Skopelos?

The trip duration for the Skiathos Skopelos ferry is approximately 30 minutes to Glossa port. The fasted ferry from Skiathos to Skopelos town is 35 minutes on the SeaJets vessel.

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