Piraeus To Kasos Ferry Guide

The Piraeus to Kasos ferry service typically sails overnight 3 times a week, and the ferry crossing is operated by Blue Star Ferries.

Athens (Piraeus) – Kasos Island

The Greek island of Kasos is the southernmost of the Dodecanese islands of Greece. As such, there is quite a distance to be traveled on this ferry route from Athens to Kasos.

Generally, ferries leave Athens Piraeus Port in the early evening, sail overnight, and reach Kasos island in the morning.

Travel times for the ferry from Piraeus to Kasos vary from 10 hours to 14 hours depending on the exact route taken, and time of year.

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Blue Star Ferries Athens To Kasos

While occasionally other ferry operators may offer crossings from Piraeus Port to Kasos, it’s Blue Star Ferries who provide the bulk of the schedule, particularly in the summer season.

This ferry company uses large vessels, such as the Blue Star Chios which take foot passengers as well as transporting vehicles.

Prices for Kasos ferries vary depending on the journey time. Quicker journeys tend to be slight more expensive.

Foot passenger tickets start at around 45 Euros for the cheaper ferry crossings.

You can find the latest prices and book ferry tickets online at: Ferryscanner

A cabin is recommended

As the Athens Piraeus Port to Kasos island sails overnight, and the travel times can be in excess of 12 hours, a cabin is recommended.

A typical ferry cabin on the Blue Star Ferries vessel Blue Star Chios which sails from Piraeus to Kasos island in Greece

Cabin prices do bump up the price of tickets, but the benefit of a good night’s sleep as opposed to trying to get sleep in a chair in a heavily air-conditioned passenger lounge can not be underestimated!

Cabins are limited in number, so if you do want one, it’s best to book your ferry ticket as far in advance as possible, particularly if sailing during the busy month of August.

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Getting to Piraeus Port

After you have bought your ferry ticket, you should be able to find out which terminal the ferry departs from. Greek ferries sailing to the small island of Kasos on Blue Star Ferries were departing from terminal E1 during 2023.

Blue Star Ferries sail to the Dodecanese islands, including Kasos, from terminal E1 at Piraeus Port, Athens

While Piraeus Port is connected with Athens city center by metro and bus, it may be advisable to take a taxi to get there.

The reason for this, is that the ferry terminal for the Kasos ferry is quite a distance from the metro and bus stops. If you’ve got luggage, it can be quite a hassle to get there.

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Arriving at Kasos Port

You should be aware that there may be stops at other islands during the trip to Kasos so get off at the right island! Don’t worry though, announcements are made, so you’ll know when to disembark.

Kasos ferry port is a small, simple port located in the main town of Fry (Fri). If you are not traveling with your own vehicle, it is probably best to arrange for your accommodation provider to pick you up at the port.

The island does have regular bus services, and rumour has it there are two taxis!

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FAQ Piraeus-Kasos Ferries

Some of the most frequently asked questions about traveling from Piraeus to Kasos include:

Can I book Piraeus to Kasos ferry tickets online?

Yes, you can book your ferry tickets online at Ferryscanner and other travel websites that offer ferry tickets.

Is it possible to buy a ticket on the day of departure?

It is not recommended to buy a ticket on the day of departure, as ferry tickets tend to sell out quickly. Purchasing your ticket in advance is strongly advised.

How often are ferries sailing from Piraeus port to Kasos island?

The frequency of ferries sailing from Piraeus to Kasos varies depending on the time of year. Generally, there are a few weekly services in the low season (November to April), and up to daily sailings during the summer months.

Which ferry companies sail from Athens to Kasos island?

Blue Star Ferries are the largest ferry company to sail from Piraeus to Kasos. They typically use large vessels, such as the Blue Star Chios which take foot passengers and vehicles. Occasionally, other ferry operators may provide crossings too.

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