Kasos To Karpathos Ferry

There is at least one Kasos to Karpathos ferry per day during the summer, and a couple of times a week, more than one ferry.

Kasos Karpathos Ferry Route

Kasos and Karpathos are neighbouring islands in the Dodecanese island group. As a result, there are regular ferries sailing from Kasos to Karpathos every day of the week during the summer months.

The ferry companies which operate crossings from Kasos to Karpathos include Blue Star Ferries, SeaJets, and the Kasos Princess.

Blue Star Ferries vessel in Kasos Port

People traveling with vehicles should be aware that the Kasos Princess is a passenger only ferry. Blue Star Ferries provide a large conventional ferry that can take passengers and vehicles between the two islands.

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Kasos to Karpathos Travel Times And Info

The average sailing time for ferries sailing between Kasos and Karpathos is around 1 hour.

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All ferries depart Kasos from the ferry port town of Fry (also written Fri). This is not a busy port at all, and so you only really need to be there 20 minutes or so before departure.

Note that the Kasos Princess may depart from a different area than the Blue Star Ferries and SeaJets vessels at Kasos ferry port.

Although Karpathos has two ferry ports, all ferries arrive at the main Karpathos town ferry port first. Only a few carry on to Diafani port in the north of the island – It’s important that you book tickets for, and get off at the correct ferry port!

Seajets Caldera Vista vessel

As with all of Greece, ferry companies operate more crossings in the summer than in the off season.

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Kasos to Karpathos Ferry Schedule FAQ

Visitors to Greece planning to take a ferry between Kasos and Karpathos often ask questions such as:

Which ferry companies sail from Kasos to Karpathos?

Ferry companies that operate the Kasos – Karpathos direct route include Blue Star Ferries, Seajets, and the Kasos Princess.

Which ferry company has the cheapest ferry tickets for Kasos Karpathos ferries?

Of the ferry operators providing crossings between Kasos and Karpathos, Blue Star Ferries tend to have the cheapest tickets, starting at 7.50 Euros per foot passenger.

What is the journey time on the ferry from Kasos to Karpathos?

Ferries operated by Seajets tend to provide the quickest way to get from Kasos to Karpathos, although they are only 10 or 15 minutes faster than the other companies.

Is there any other way to travel from Kasos to Karpathos?

While a ferry is probably the best way to get from Kasos to Karpathos, there are also flights between the two islands. The flight from Kasos Airport to Karpathos airport takes around 10 minutes!

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