How to get from Volos to Alonissos by ferry

There are 3 or 4 ferries per day sailing the Volos Alonissos ferry route during the summer season. Ferry operators include Hellenic Seaways, SeaJets, and Aegean Flying Dolphins.

Volos Alonissos Route

The Greek island of Alonissos in the Sporades islands group can only be reached by ferry. One of the most popular journeys to make, is to take a ferry from the port of Volos on the Greek mainland.

The ferry ride from Volos to Alonissos is a direct route, meaning that you do not need to change ferries along the way. There will be stops at other island ports though, so make sure you get off at the right one!

Typically, the Volos to Alonissos ferry will stop at Skiathos, perhaps both ports on Skopelos, and then arrive at the port in Alonissos.

You can check the latest schedules and ferry ticket prices at: Ferryscanner

Volos to Alonissos Trip Duration

How long the ferry ride from Volos to Alonissos takes, will depend on which ferry company you travel with, and what type of ferry.

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The fast boat option will take around 3 hours and 5 minutes to complete the journey. If you opt for a normal ferry, the crossing will take between 4 and 5 hours.

Check the latest journey time for Alonissos ferries at: Ferryscanner

Volos to Alonissos Ferry Schedule

All the ferry companies providing ferries to Alonissos and other islands in the Northern Sporades alter their timetables according to the month, and expected demand.

So for example, while you can rely on 3 or 4 ferries per day, the exact departure times for each crossing vary month by month, and also day by day.

This is why it’s important to look at the ferry timetable for your specific travel date. You can find it here: Ferryscanner

Hellenic Seaways

In 2022, the Express Skiathos vessel sailed from Volos to Alonissos every day of the week, and had an early departure (varying between 07.45 and 08.30). During July and August, this service was supplemented by the Flying Cat 6 three times a week.

The Hellenic Seaways ferry in Volos going to Alonissos

This ferry can take cars, so if you have traveled over Europe and mainland Greece, you can take your car onboard – at an additional price of course!

Tickets for passengers on the Express Skiathos cost €38.50 (2022 prices).


While SeaJets normally have the most expensive tickets, their ferry from Volos to Alonissos is actually the cheapest one you can get on this route.

SeaJets Sporades Star sailing from Volos to Alonissos

In 2022, their vessel Sporades Star also had an early morning departure at similar times to the Hellenic Seaways – make sure you get on the right boat!

The SeaJets also take cars, so you can weigh up the total costs against the Hellenic Seaways direct ferries to see which one is cheaper for you.

Tickets for passengers started at 26.60 in 2022, making SeaJets the best price for the Volos Alonissos ferry trip.

Aegean Flying Dolphins

Finally, the Aegean Flying Dolphins has a slightly later departure at around 14.00 – so it’s a good choice if you’ve had a late night in Volos!

Flying Dolphin Erato from Volos to Alonissos

This ferry service doesn’t take vehicles though. Passenger ticket prices start at 48.50 Euros making it the most expensive Volos Alonissos ferry.

Note: On a windy day, this vessel might not be great for people with motion sickness!

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Travelers looking to go by ferry between Volos and Alonissos often ask similar questions such as:

How long is the ferry from Volos to Alonissos?

The ferry ride from Volos to Alonissos takes between 3 and 5 hours, depending on the type of ferry you take.

Which ferry companies operate the Volos Alonissos route?

Ferry companies that operate the Volos Alonissos route include Hellenic Seaways, Sea Jets, and Aegean Flying Dolphins.

What is the distance by ferry from Volos to Alonissos?

The distance from Volos to Alonissos is approximately 138 kilometers.

Where can I buy ferry tickets for the ferry Volos to Alonissos?

The best place to check the latest itinerary and buy ferry tickets online for the Volos Alonissos routes is at Ferryscanner.

Where is the ferry port in Volos?

The Volos ferry port is located at the seafront in the middle of Volos town. A GPS address for Google maps is Volos Port, Volos 382 21.