Alonissos Ferry Port Guide – All You Need To Know

Alonissos ferry port is located on the waterfront in the town of Patitiri. Here’s everything you need to know about the port of Alonissos in Greece.

Traveling to Alonissos Island Greece

Situated in the Aegean Sea, Alonissos is a small island that is part of the Northern Sporades chain of islands. With a population of just under 3,000 people, Alonissos is a quiet and relaxing place to get away from it all.

If you’re planning to visit Alonissos, you should know that you can only reach and depart the island by ferry.

Ferry Port In Alonissos

The port of Alonissos is a small and sheltered facility located on the southeast coast of the island. It is a part of the island’s main town of Patitiri, and so is often referred to as Patitiri Port.

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Alonissos port is typical of Greek small island ports. There is a concrete pier, a covered waiting area for people leaving Alonissos for other Sporades islands or mainland Greece, and a small cafe.

Patitiri port in Alonissos

The port of Alonissos only comes to life an hour before or after Greek ferries are due to arrive. Typically, there are a handful of Alonissos ferries per day. The rest of the time, the port is very quiet.

What to Expect When Arriving at Alonissos Ferry Port

Once you arrive at Alonissos ferry port, you will need to make your way into town (Patitiri). It is less than 200 metres away and flat, so it’s an easy walk.

Approaching Alonissos ferry port

Patitiri is the capital of Alonissos, and has a full range of services. There’s also plenty of places to hire ATVs, quads, bikes, and cars here.

Many people choose to stay in or around Patitiri for their holidays as this is where most of the accommodation is.

During the summer season, it’s recommended to pre-book your Alonissos hotels, especially if you want to visit in August.

Departing Alonissos

You should be at the Patitiri ferry port in Alonissos an hour before your scheduled departure.

Patitiri Port Alonissos

Unlike some ferry ports in Greece, there is no travel agency within the Alonissos port facility itself. Either buy your ferry tickets online at Ferryscanner, or use the travel agency which is opposite the waterfront in Patitiri.

Ferries reach Alonissos from:

Ferries to Alonissos leave from Volos on the Greek mainland, as well as the neighbouring Sporades Greek islands of Skiathos and Skopelos. There may also be high season crossings from Kymi in Skyros, Mantoudi in Evia and Thessaloniki.

Ferries depart Alonissos to:

The closest islands to Alonissos you can reach by ferry are Skopelos, Skiathos, and Evia. Ferries leaving from Alonissos sail to Skopelos (both ports), Skiathos port, and Volos. You may also be able to book a ferry trip from Alonissos to Kymi ins Skiathos, Mantoudi in Evia, and even Thessaloniki depending on the time of year.

  • Alonissos to Skiathos ferry
  • Alonissos to Skopelos ferry
  • Alonissos to Glossa Skopelos ferry
  • Alonissos to Agnontas Skopelos ferry
  • Alonissos to Volos ferry
  • Alonissos to Mantoudi ferry

Note that Agnontas ferry port in Skopelos is an alternative port mainly used when ferries have to be redirected from the other two island ports of Skopelos due to bad winds.

Ferry Companies

You will find a variety of ferry operators on the Alonissos ferry schedules. The most common ones operating the frequent routes include Hellenic Seaways (Blue Star Ferries), SeaJets, Anes Ferries, and Aegean Flying Dolphins.

Aegean Flying Dolphins ferry in Alonissos Greece

To check timetables, prices, and for booking tickets for Alonissos ferries use: Ferryscanner

Know about Alonissos:

Alonissos is a beautiful island that is perfect for those who are looking for a more relaxed and laid back atmosphere on their vacation.

The island is known for its stunning natural beauty and its traditional Greek architecture. Despite its relatively small size, there are plenty of things to see and do on Alonissos. Be sure to check out some of the following attractions during your stay:

  • Explore the quaint Chora
  • Spend time on the gorgeous beaches
  • Take a boat trip into the marine park
  • Go scuba diving

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FAQ About Alonissos Greece

Readers planning an island hopping holiday in Greece often have questions about the Alonissos ferry port. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions, along with our answers.

Where does the ferry arrive in Alonissos?

Your ferry to Alonissos will arrive at the island’s only port of Patitiri. It is a short walk of less than 200 metres from the port to the main town.

Where is the port in Alonissos?

The ferry port of Alonissos is located on the waterfront of Patitiri town. When looking out to the sea, it is on the left hand side of the harbor.

How do you get to Alonissos Greece?

You can only reach Alonissos by ferry. Most travelers will either take a ferry from Volos on the Greek mainland, or travel to Alonissos after Skiathos or Skopelos as part of a Greek island hopping route.

How do you get to Alonissos from UK?

Travelers from the UK have the option of flying into the airport on nearby Skiathos island, and then taking a ferry to Alonissos. Alternatively, people flying into Athens International Airport will need to take a bus to Volos, and then a ferry from Volos to Alonissos.

Where can I check ferry routes and buy ferry tickets online?

The best place to check the schedules for ships sailing to and from Alonissos is at Ferryscanner. Passengers can also book tickets online.

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