Skopelos (Agnontas) Ferry Port Guide

Agnontas ferry port in Skopelos is classed as a ‘back up’ port. In case of strong winds, ferries bound for other ports on Skopelos may dock here instead as it is more sheltered.

Ferry Port Of Skopelos (Agnontas)

The ferry port of Agnontas in Skopelos is located on the south of the island next to a small seaside village of the same name. While there are no direct ferries sailing here, from time to time ferry crossings may be redirected from the other two Skopelos Ports as it is a safe port to dock in strong winds.

Agnontas ferry port in Skopelos island consists of little more than a concrete platform. There are no facilities as such, although there is a tiny covered waiting area that looks like it is rarely used.

A small waiting area at Agnontas port in Skopelos island Greece

If you do find yourself at this ferry port after traveling from Volos port or islands near Skopelos, there is a bus stop at the end of the port just by the road. If there are no taxis waiting, you could go the nearby taverna and ask them to call you one from there.

Note: The two main ferry ports of Skopelos are Skopelos Town and Skopelos Glossa.

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Tips For Taking Ferries From Agnontas Skopelos

  • The ferry port in Skopelos (Agnontas) is positioned at the waterfront. The main port of Skopelos is at Skopelos Town.

  • Passengers need to be aware of the ferry schedule and plan their travel to the ferry port accordingly. Most ferry companies recommend that passengers arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time. Agnontas may be used as an alternative port to the main two ports on the island.

  • Your ferry may make stops at other islands along the way. Ensure you get off the ferry at the right island! Check you are getting off the ferry on the right island!

  • The Agnontas ferry port is an alternative port used when there is bad weather blowing through the Northern Sporades and ships need to be diverted from the other ports of Skopelos.

  • It’s good for visitors who plan to visit Skopelos for holidays to be aware of this so they can make different travel plans if they discover bad weather is incoming.

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