Skopelos Glossa Ferry Port Guide

The Glossa Skopelos ferry port is the second largest seaport on the island of Skopelos in Greece.

Glossa Port is located on the north-west coast of Skopleos. This Greek ferry travel guide to the port of Skopelos Glossa has all the information you need to know.

The ferry port of Skopelos Glossa is a basic one

Glossa / Loutraki Port Skopelos

You might find the second port of Skopelos referred to in two ways. One, is Glossa port, and if you are searching for it on ferry booking websites such as Ferryscanner this is the name to use. The other name you might see used from time to time is Loutraki port. Put simply, they are one and the same place.

As the second port of Skopelos, there are not as many ferry routes connecting Glossa with other destinations in the Sporades and mainland Greece as the main port of Skopelos Town.

Still, there are enough, and you can plan a Greek island hopping trip to and from Ag. Constantinos, Alonissos, Mantoudi, Skiathos, and Volos port from here. You could even get a ferry from Glossa to Skopelos Town if you really wanted to!

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Why Use The Ferry Port Of Glossa?

While most people who travel to Skopelos decide to stay in Skopelos Town, there are a few reasons why you might choose to use Skopelos Glossa Port.

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The first, is that if you are traveling with a car, the ferry trip from either Volos or Skiathos to Skopelos is much cheaper if you go to Glossa Port. You can then drive from Glossa to wherever you are staying on the island.

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The second, is that if you want to plan a day trip from Skiathos to Skopelos in order to see the Mamma Mia Church, Glossa ferry port is a good place to arrive at. You can just about put your own day trip together by getting the first ferry out from Skiathos port, taking a taxi to the Mamma Mia Church, and then returning to the port in time for your return ferry.

Thirdly, you can also stay in the Loutraki / Glossa area which is quieter than Skopelos Town especially in the summer high season.

Arriving at Glossa Port

If you are taking a ferry ride to Glossa port, you will arrive in what will seem quite a sleepy seaside village. It only really comes alive when a ferry is due to arrive or depart!

Welcome to Glossa port sign in Skopelos

Ferries arrive at a concrete jetty, similar to other ferry ports in the Sporades islands, and it is a short, flat walk to the village of Loutraki.

Here, you will see a bus and taxi stand and a few cafes.

Although the village of Glossa looks close to the port on the map, it’s all uphill and quite a walk away. If you have decided to stay in Glossa village in Skopelos, it would be best to take a taxi especially if you have luggage.

Taxi stand at Glossa port Skopelos

Ferries Sail To Glossa From

The most popular routes from Glossa are the direct trip to Skiathos and Volos.

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Departing From Glossa Ferry Port

There are a few cafes and tavernas close to the port area where you can wait. Glossa ferry port also has a small covered waiting area that is sheltered from the sun.

The small covered waiting area at Glossa port in Skopelos island, Greece

Ferries Depart Glossa To:

The islands closest to Skopelos Glossa ferry port are Skiathos and Alonissos.

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  • How to get from Glossa to Skiathos
  • How to get from Glossa to Skopelos Town
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Ferry Companies Connecting Glossa Skopelos Port

A mix of conventional ferries and fast ferries connect Skopelos Glossa ferry port with other islands and the Greek mainland.

Ferry companies you might find on schedules include: Aegean Flying Dolphins, Hellenic Seways (Blue Star Ferries), Anes Ferries, and SeaJets.

Tips For Taking Ferries From Skopelos Glossa Port

  • The ferry port of Glossa is positioned at the north-western side if the island Skopelos. You can use Google maps to see where it is.

  • Ferry travel can be a relaxing and enjoyable way to get from one point to another, but it is important to remember that ferries are also large vessels that must adhere to a strict schedule. For this reason, passengers are advised to be at the port at least a half an hour before the ferry scheduled departure.

  • Even your direct ferry may make stops at other Greek islands before your destination. Double check you are getting off the ferry at the right island!