Greek Islands Near Volos You Can Reach By Ferry

Some of the Greek islands you can travel to by ferry from Volos include Alonissos, Evia Island (Mantoudi Port), Skiathos, Skopelos Island (Glossa Port), and Skopelos Island (Skopelos Town Port).

Island Hopping From Volos

Volos is an important port in Greece because it is the main entry point for goods and passengers coming into central Greece. Volos city is in mainland Greece, and is also a major transportation hub, with railways, highways, and a small airport all connecting to it.

While Volos and the nearby Mount Pelion are worth spending time in, many people visit Volos just to take a ferry to a nearby island.

Volos to Sporades Islands

When it comes to Greek island hopping, Volos is the gateway to the Sporades islands. From Volos ferry port, you can take a ferry to the Sporades islands of Skiathos, Skopelos, and Alonissos. You can also take a ferry from Volos to Evia, and the island of Skyros – occasionally.

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A Greek ferry leaving from Volos

Islands Close To Volos With Ferry Routes

The closest Greek islands to Volos are Skiathos and Skopelos. Alonissos is a little further out, but still relatively close. These islands can all be reached by ferry from Volos.

Skiathos is the most popular of the three islands, and is well-known for its beautiful beaches. Skopelos is a more low-key alternative, although its popularity is rising thanks to the Mamma Mia film. Alonissos is perfect for those looking for a quiet island getaway, and popular with return visitors to the Sporades islands.

You may also find ferries sailing from Volos port to Mantoudi in Evia. From time to time there may also be boats going to Skyros, although typically, the best way to get to Skyros is from Kymi in Evia.

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A volos ferry getting ready to be boarded


Alonissos island is the furthest of the Sporades islands you can reach from Volos. The ferry ride takes approximately between 3 and 5 hours.

Alonissos is a quiet island compared with the other Sporades, and is popular with return visitors and expats.

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Evia Island (Mantoudi Port)

Evia is a beautiful island located in the Aegean Sea, Greece. It is the second largest of the Greek islands and is known for its lush vegetation, stunning beaches and crystal clear waters.

Some of the most popular towns and villages on Evia include Chalkida (Chalcis), Karystos, and Edipsos. You will almost certainly need a car to make the most of your time here, as public transport is quite restrictive when it comes to exploring Evia.

If you’re looking to visit Evia, there are several ferries that operate between Volos, Greece and Evia.

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Skiathos is the closest Sporades island to Volos, and you can travel from Volos to Skiathos by ferry in about an hour. The island of Skiathos is beautiful, with sandy beaches, clear waters, and lush vegetation. The island’s main town, Skiathos Town, is full of nightlife and restaurants, and is also where the ferry port is.

If you’re planning an island hopping trip, you can reach both Skopelos and Alonissos from Skiathos by ferry.

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Skopelos Island

Skopelos is fast becoming a must see when going Greek island hopping with people who want to see the famous Mamma Mia church and other film locations where the movie was shot. There’s more to the island than just Mamma Mia though – fantastic beaches, good places to eat, and plenty of activities make Skopelos a great choice for your Greek island holiday.

One important note: Skopelos has two ferry ports which are Glossa and Skopelos Town. There’s also a third used in an emergency! Make sure you know which one you want to travel to! (Most people get off at Skopelos Town).

Ferry Companies Sailing Out Of Volos Port

Greek ferries connecting Volos with the islands near by are operated by the following companies:

– Anes Ferries

– Hellenic Seaways (Blue Star Ferries)

– SeaJets

– Aegean Flying Dolphins

You can book ferry tickets with each company directly or use a travel agency on the islands. The easiest way to get tickets for ferries leaving the port of Volos though is to go through Ferryscanner where you can see all the schedules and ticket prices in one place.

Travel Tips For Taking Ferries From Volos

  • The ferry port in the city of Volos is located on the waterfront as seen here on Google maps.

  • Keep in mind that Volos is a busy city – allow enough time to get to reach Volos ferry port before your boat is due to sail!

  • Passengers are advised to be at the port at least a half an hour before the ferries scheduled departure.

  • Your ferry may stop at other Greek islands on the way. Make sure you get off at the right island and ferry port!

  • In the summer months, you can expect ferry boarding to be slight chaotic – all part of the Greek ferry travel experience!

Volos Ferry Connections To Greek Islands FAQ

The most commonly asked questions to do with getting from Volos to close-by islands include:

What are the best islands to visit after Volos?

Some of the best islands to visit after Volos include Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonissos, and Evia. All of these islands are beautiful and offer a wide range of activities and attractions.

How much does it cost to travel by ferry?

The price of a ferry ticket out of Volos depends on the route, the type of ferry, and the season. Generally, though, tickets cost between 10€ and 60€ per person. You can find more information on specific routes and prices at Ferryscanner.

Which islands can you get to from Volos?

There are ferries from Volos to the Greek island destinations of Alonissos, Evia Island (Mantoudi Port), Skiathos, Skopelos Island (Glossa Port), and Skopelos Island (Skopelos Town Port).

Where can I buy ferry tickets from Volos to close-by islands?

You can buy ferry tickets from Volos to close-by islands from the following companies:- Anes Ferries, Hellenic Seaways (Blue Star Ferries), SeaJets, and Aegean Flying Dolphins. You can also buy tickets from a travel agency on the islands, or through Ferryscanner.

Which islands do Volos ferries connect?

Volos ferries connect mainland Greece with the Sporades islands of Skiathos, Skopelos, and Alonissos. There are also ferries to Evia island.

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