Rafina Ferry Port Guide

Rafina port is the second largest port of Athens, and has ferry connections to some of the Cycladic Greek Islands such as Andros, Tinos and Mykonos.

Rafina Travel Information

Want to take a ferry to or from Rafina ferry port? Here’s all the info you need to know such as where to find the ferry terminal, what amenities are available, and how to buy tickets.

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Rafina Port

There are three main Athens ferry ports, and of these, Rafina is the closest to Athens International Airport. This makes it a good option for international travelers who don’t want to spend time in Athens itself, and want to head straight out to the Cycladic islands.

Rafina is the second busiest port of Athens. While Rafina does not connect with all the Cyclades islands, it does have direct connections with some of the most popular stops such as Mykonos and Tinos.

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Ferry Port Of Rafina

The port itself is relatively small, but it still has all the basic amenities that you would expect from a ferry port including ticketing facilities, cafes, shops and restrooms.

Rafina Port waiting area

The seaside town of Rafina is within easy walking distance, and so if you have time to spare before your ferry departs, you can take a walk around and sit down for a meal.

Rafina Port is a lot less chaotic than the more well known port of Piraeus, so it is easier to find your way around and feel at ease. There’s no rushing around between gates like there is with Piraeus, as ferry boats all depart from the same area.

You can book ferries between Rafina and the following destinations in Greece: Katapola (Amorgos), Andros, Rethymno, Ios, Koufonissi, Mykonos, Naxos, Paros, Thira (Santorini), Sifnos, Sikinos, Thirassia, and Tinos.

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How to get to Rafina Port

Most people will want to travel to Rafina ferry port from Athens International Airport. You can also get to the port from Athens City Center if you prefer the idea of taking a ferry from Rafina instead of Piraeus after sightseeing in Athens for a day or two.

From Athens airport: The two options are to take a taxi or a bus. A taxi is more expensive but a lot more convenient. Buses run every 60-90 minutes.

To take a taxi, you can either wait at the taxi rank queue outside the airport or pre-book a taxi to meet you on arrival for little or no extra cost. Pre-book a taxi ride from Athens Airport to Rafina here: Welcome Taxis

To take a bus, exit the departures and head to the Sofitel hotel. The bus layby is opposite the Sofitel Airport Hotel, and you buy your ticket on the bus from the driver.

Taxis going to Rafina port in Athens

From Athens Center: There’s no metro station at Rafina, so your options are to take a bus or a taxi. A bus ticket will be far cheaper than the taxi far for the Athens centre to Rafina journey, but a taxi is quicker and easier.

Buses leave from KTEL bus from Marvommateon Street just next to Pedion tou Areos Park. Remember to allow time to get to this station first.

You may find pre-booking a taxi is easiest. You can do that with: Welcome Taxis.

Ferries Depart Rafina To:

Ferries to islands near Rafina Athens are operated by a variety of Greek ferry companies. Some of the most popular are Blue Star Ferries, Golden Star Ferries, Fast Ferries and SeaJets.

Popular routes, such as Rafina Mykonos will have more than one crossing per day. Other ferry routes may operate just a few times a week depending on the season.

Greek ferries are normally divided into two types – conventional ferries and fast ferries. If windy weather is predicted, the stability of a larger but slower conventional ferry may be more appreciated by passengers susceptible to motion sickness!

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The ferry port of Rafina in Athens, Greece

Ferries Sail To Rafina From:

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  • How to get from Andros to Rafina
  • How to get from Rethymno to Rafina
  • How to get from Ios to Rafina
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  • How to get from Mykonos to Rafina
  • How to get from Naxos to Rafina
  • How to get from Paros to Rafina
  • How to get from Thira (Santorini) to Rafina
  • How to get from Sifnos to Rafina
  • How to get from Sikinos to Rafina
  • How to get from Thirassia to Rafina
  • How to get from Tinos to Rafina

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Tips For Taking Ferries From Rafina

  • The ferry port of Rafina is located on the waterfront. You should aim to be at the ferry port at least a half an hour before your ferry crossings scheduled departure.

  • Ferries often make many stops at different islands. It’s a good opportunity to take photos of Greek islands you might put on next year’s Greek ferry travel list! One thing though – Make sure to get off at the right island!

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